Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Birthday present

Hi guys,

Today is my birthday and many of you guys actually noticed it! How come? Are you magicians? Anyway, my biggest birthday present is (next to be a healthy believer) certainly Animation Mentor which I made from me to myself =) lol.

I can't wait until the next week because today I got another birthday present: one week off next week!!! Yehaa! That mean's I'm going to have all the time I need to read all of those hundreds and thousands of interesting threads at AM!

And that is exactly what I'm going to do. Oh, one final thing: I changed my username from IronGiant to "Alex M Lehmann" to help you with my real name. I'm still a big IronGiant-fan and I'm lucky enough to work with one of the supervisors of IG currently at the animation studio I work for.

So much for now, stay animated!

- Alex

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

For all AM students who want to know more about me...

Take a look at the AM forum where you'll find some more information about me:

My mentor this term will be Michelle Meeker... whoot! She animated on Gerry's Game, Shrek and Lord of the rings... to name some. I'm really looking forward to having a female mentor and I can't await starting to animate to get some serious critiques!

- Alex

Welcome, everyone!

Hi everyone,

Finally I started my first blog. Today Animation Mentor, Fall Term 2005, started and we just had an awesome opening Q&A session... it was sometimes laggy but nonetheless veeery interesting. AM is overwhelming at the beginning and I sincerely think about taking some days off to get accustomed with all those features it offers... we'll see.

Anyway, welcome to my site. I'll try to write once a week to give you guys out there an inside view of what AM is all about and how I am developing my skills. Since I'm working full time that could be a littlebit difficult but I will try nonetheless.

Thanks for surfing by and have fun with the blog,

Alex =)