Wednesday, September 27, 2006

The Ugly Duckling And Me Trailer

Hi everyone,

finally Ugly Duckling has been released to some territories around the world (Germany in December). So, feel free to have a look at the trailer:

This European feature was the first feature film I have been working on (animating around 1 minute of animation with three characters). I had such a blast during that time and can't wait to go on with feature animation again.

Have fun,


Monday, September 25, 2006

I'll be back... err, I am, already =)

Hi everyone,

can you believe it? Six months have passed since I left AM to take a little rest. And guess what? That was a very good decision. During that time I could deepen the learned principles and also get a life next to animation. That was very important and now I'm feeling like going on with AM again.

After having met all those fantastic AM people at Siggraph I knew I had to continue. Funny enough, some of my former classmates take a break this term so I won't see them again. Since I'm working full time I guess I will have to take another break sooner or later but currently the plan is still to continue with the study at AM until I get my degree =)

So, currently the site is still under maintenance and I will have to wait some more hours before I can get online. Until then, have a great day, everybody and whohooo!

- Alex