Saturday, July 22, 2006

New website is online, too!

Yes, I did it - my new website is finally online and running. Well, I reduced the 4-pages website to a 2-pages website, so you get half the amount of website for the same price!!! Incredible. Well, I tried to make it "easier" and straight to the point.

Tell me what you think and have fun with it!

- Alex

Friday, July 14, 2006

New demoreel/showreel - Siggraph is coming!

Hi everyone,

I finally re-edited my showreel for Siggraph. Unfortunately, since Ugly Duckling & Me is not out in cinemas yet I am not allowed to show animations I did for that feature movie. So I have to stick to other stuff and be patient. Anyway, you can find my demoreel here: - there you can choose between two sizes and QT and WMV. So, it would be great if you take a look at it and send me some comments - love to hear what you think.

The weeks before Siggraph are always soo stressfull... phew. But I can't wait anymore!

Have a great weekend,


Sunday, July 09, 2006

World Cup in Germany...

Hi everyone,

in case you didn't know... Germany just won the "small final" yesterday night versus Portugal and got third. After the match thousands and tenthousands of people went to famous places all over Germany as I did when I got to Leopoldstra├če here in Munich. To give you a little impression of how cheerful people were I put some pictures on my blog. Normally this is one of the 'heavy traffic' streets in Munich - but not yesterday night =)

As for know many Germans cheer for France to win against Italy (though Italy is better, I assume) to avenge our loss in the semi-finals. So, allez les bleus and viva Italia!

- Alex

Monday, July 03, 2006

Alive again...

Hi everybody!

I cannot believe that 3 months have passed already... and that I didn't write anything on this blog during this time. Taking some time off was heavily needed and I now know that this was the right decision. With Siggraph coming up this month and several projects coming up I used my time wisely to gain some strength for the upcoming months.

Well, what should I start with? How about some information about "The ugly duckling and me"? First of all, as many of you may know, there is a teaser-trailer on aFilms-homepage (CLICK HERE). Secondly, there is a German article about the project featuring Rick Cavanian as the main character (a quite famous German comedian which I really like). You can find the article here.

Other than that... I'm still struggeling whether I can afford to go on with AM. Yes, it is a harsh reality that this costs money =) and I still have to pay tax this year - we will see after I did my tax stuff this year and then I will decide.

A lot has happenend in the last 3 months. I visited Annecy for instance which was a terrific experience... I think, everyone who likes animation should come there at least once in his lifetime.

Anyway, just wanted to say: I'm back and alive again!!! And things haven't changed: animation is the best thing one can do for earning a living!

TTYL and God bless to all of you,