Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Sunny future due to Cloudy

This is "Jayson Price's team" - just one of 6 animation teams on the movie.

Hi all,

Since even the best times have to come to an end some day I'm wrapping up on Cloudy May 8th. I had such a blast working on this movie and feel privileged to have been part of this amazing team. The movie is coming along great and I'm going to be the first in line to see it. I can't wait until everyone gets to see the "real" trailer and sees how fun and exciting this movie is going to be.

With Cloudy coming September 18th I'm sure that Sony's future is bright as the sun, and not cloudy at all. Today they announced that they are going to produce Pirates! and Arthur Christmas with Aardman which we all are very excited about. I hope that I can work for Sony on either of them or on the fantastic looking Hotel T or Smurfs... and more is to come: Alice in Wonderland and Cats & Dogs 2... so many more cool projects down the road.

So, here is hoping my leave is temporary and doesn't last long. Every day I felt privileged to work with people like Pete Nash (anim. director), Jayson Price, Derek Friesenborg, Chris Williams, Alan Hawkins, James Crossley and Brian Scott as our leads. I learned a heck of a lot about holds and subtle keep alive and feel to have become a more well-rounded animator - knowing more about how much I still have to learn (esp. since Microsoft was all about Squash and Stretch).

Finally, I met some incredible animators and 70 wonderful people, many of whom I want to stay in contact with, if not even become friends. Here's to Zach, Kim, Nathan, Blake, Alex, Alan, Matt, Ray, Eric, Rebecca, Chad, Anthea, David, David, Dave, Ben, Ben, Joe, Ron, and all the many other people I can't name here since there is not enough room for it. Thanks for helping me becoming a better animator, guys, and you know - you always meet twice. At least!

Anthea's and Rebecca's reels were the reason for me to start Animation Mentor and as such I'm especially thankful to them! Rock on, ladies.

For now I start looking to find a new job as soon as possible. Let's see what God has in mind for me... I'm excited about it.

Keep animating and love every minute of it,


p.s. I'll post a picture of our team lunch here later. Thanks, Sony, for everything.