Sunday, April 02, 2006

AM 02 - Week 12 ... a whole lot of sleep to come ...

Hi everyone,

this is it, AM Class 02 is over and I'll be having a break for the next term. There are some people who decided to do so but (almost) all of them are going to come back sooner or later. Some of them have to spare some money and some of them just have to take a rest. I'll count into the later, I suppose.

Anyway, as you all know I didn't have much time to work on the AM stuff this term. Because of that I'm not very proud of what I did (although I'm happy I did make it to the end =). Have a look at the compilation by clicking on the picture above to see my final class 02 reel.

And have fun at what you are doing right now! Whatever it is, it will contribute to your experience which will lead into becoming a better animator!


- Alex