Monday, March 10, 2008

Moving to Redmond - Job at Microsoft's Boku project

Hi all,

I have exciting news. Today I received confirmation that I will be working on Microsoft's XBOX360/PC project "Boku". The project is still somewhat secret but here are two pictures you can find on other people's blogs.

This is Boku as it was shown a while ago

Project Lead Matthew MacLaurin demonstrating Boku with the old interface

Starting this April I will be in charge of the whole animation and character creation for the project - from the characters, to any object, even up to the menus. It will be a wonderful challenge and I am extremely excited to work with an extremely professional team on Boku. We all share the same vision and know that Boku really is something unique out there - I can't wait to show the people out there what we are doing later this year.

I'll be working in building number 99, part of a 1 billion $ complex Microsoft is building on the other side of the highway - and believe me, it's beautiful. Here you can find some info and pictures about it (link). Let's say it is a playground for grown-ups.

Well, so much for now, now I have tons of things to do and take care of.

Have a great week,